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The Products are available in France, DOM-TOM, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany. Please contact us for any other destination.
The Products travel in all cases at the risk and peril of the Customer.
The Products ordered by the Customer will be provided in metropolitan France within a time varying according to the delivery option chosen by the Customer at the time of the order, to the address indicated by the Customer.
The delivery times and the availability of the Products are only indicative. Any delays in delivery of the Products for any reason, can not motivate the cancellation of the order, the refusal to take delivery of the Products and / or give rise to any penalty or compensation of any kind. Delivery times begin to run from the date of confirmation of the order by ABI DIFFUSION.
Delivery within the time indicated will be respected only if the Customer is up to date with its obligations towards ABI DIFFUSION.
ABI DIFFUSION is released from its obligation of delivery if it is prevented or delayed by a force majeure event. The term force majeure refers to any unforeseeable event beyond the control of ABI DIFFUSION, which prevents or hinders the performance of its obligations, including, but not limited to: mobilization events, war, total or partial strike , lock-out, requisition, shortage of raw materials, failure of suppliers or subcontractors of ABI DIFFUSION, fire, equipment accident, interruption or delay of transport, or any other event hindering the activity of ABI DIFFUSION, suppliers or subcontractors.

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